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documentary short film | Barcelona, Spain | January - March 2019

Storyboard, design & animator


This is an edit of my animations for the documentary short film "vint-i-vuit dies" (twenty-eight days).

A story about menstruation, friendship, feminism, and life cycles. 
Directed by Marta Cortés.

Still in production.


The animations were supposed to be an evocative image of the inner body in the different stages of the woman's menstruation cycle. The idea was to be accurate in the stages of the cycle but it didn't have to be scientific, that gave me a lot of freedom to imagine how the inner body would look like and, I chose to work with thread and fabrics. I was looking after warmth and beauty and I think that fabrics, thread, and wool are materials that transmit this, also, it's translucid qualities that allow light to filter in a beautiful way.  I took this project from the storyboard stages working with the director the action in the animations, after moving into design, confection, and animation.

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